Good Natured Dog Productions (GND) is a full-service video production agency comprised of some of the best and brightest filmmakers in New England.

Founded in 2005, GND began as a group of film enthusiasts set on channeling their creative energy and individual talents into projects that could inspire and entertain. Having spent years producing video content ranging from commercial to narrative short film, they decided to utilize that creative energy and the skills that they developed as multi-media professionals to help individual clients and businesses achieve their personal and professional goals.

By employing a collective of knowledgeable artists that respect and understand one another as well as the needs of each client, GND is equipped to create a product that showcases the truth and creativity embodied by our members every time.

While we do love dogs, the name Good Natured Dog is derived less from an interest in canines, and more from our sense of loyalty. In addition to being a hard-working, fun, and exceptional team players, we believe in our clients and do everything within our means to see them successfully achieve their goals.


Why GND?

Good Natured Dog Productions loves to listen. We value your input and want to help you bring your vision for your project to life. Our goal is to craft highly effective professional and unique digital media content that will specifically targets your intended audience.

Simply looking to create another run-of-the-mill video? Then we aren’t the agency for you. However, if your goal is to create a visually interesting and informative piece of media, then Good Natured Dog Productions can help. We offer a wide variety of video production services ranging from pre-production planning through post-production, all designed to create a product that you want and that your target audience will enjoy.


We specialize in full-service video production, taking our clients' initial ideas through all stages of development to create an effective, professional, and creative final product.


Our project management team members come from diverse backgrounds in the film and television industry and are available to help your company with any video production needs that you may have.


Additionally, we have experience with many different forms of video content