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Good Natured Dog is a production company committed to creating top-notch media within the constraints of a budget. The founders have been working as Good Natured Dog for 6 years in and around New England and beyond. Together we have over 10 years of industry experience ranging from feature films to corporate video and everything in between.

Our vision is to create a company that nourishes young artists and allows them to express their creativity and tackle hard problems, while making a living. This requires us to combine the more artistic pursuit of video production with the hard business sense that has allowed us to flourish as a company. We love working with our clients to help craft a unique media solution for their needs. This is done through our services as photographer, video production, social media consultant, graphic design, and prop and equipment rental.

The company has two main principals that guide it, “Keep it Tender” and “Upsetness”

Keep it Tender – an attitude. A lifestyle if you will. Production of any type can be incredibly stressful and incredibly rewarding. By creating a collective of artists that respect and care for each other, we are able to lower the stress of the traditional production and create an environment where ideas and creativity can be expressed while still getting the job done in a professional manner.

Upsetness – the concept of the little quirks in life that catch you off guard at first but you quickly learn to love. Our company embraces the upsetness that life throws at us and we strive to integrate this into our product to work with you to create a memorable and unique media solution.

So where does “Good Natured Dog” come from? While we love dogs, it’s less about dogs and more about the mentality. Being a “good natured dog”. We started out as a rag-tag group of filmmakers trying to make each other laugh down in Savannah, Georgia. Since then we’ve all scattered to many corners of the world, but we’ve taken that “good natured” mentality with us and bring it to all of our work.  While we tackle serious subjects, we don’t forget that our best work is done with a bit of fun. BUT, the “DOG” was based off of Flyer, Jeremiah Chapman’s (One of the original GND’s) beloved friend, who embodies all the qualities we bring to life. Loyalty, fun and of course, a general good nature.

This is what we love to do, and we want you to love it too! Spend some time here on our site and get to know some of the team on the Dogs Page.

This is what we love to do, and we want you to love it too!


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