About Good Natured Dog


Good Natured Dog Productions (GND) started as a way for a group of college friends to identify themselves. We were fun-loving and eclectic, maybe a little bit distracted but always loyal to one another. We wanted to make each other laugh and be excited about our latest film collaborations. The compensation for the work on these films was little to none and the hours were long, but it was the excitement of creating something new that drove us through the long nights and early morning hours. Besides, if we weren't enjoying ourselves then what the heck were doing? In addition to making sure that our team was always excited to create we also decided that everyone would always "kept it tender" our way of saying be cool. When combined, our focus on team enthusiasm and taking everything in stride contributed greatly to our work culture.

After college many members of the GND team went their separate ways, scattering across America and a few across the world. Myself, Alecia Orsini, and Scott Lebeda ended up in my hometown of Medway, Massachusets. In Medway Scott and I had the opportunity to work with Watts Biggers, the creator of the television series "Underdog." After working with Biggers Scott and I decided to make a go of it in Massachusetts and spent some time working in the freelance realm, but we knew that if we wanted to find our own way we should continue to build Good Natured Dog.

As of today we, along with our partner Jaime Mertz, have run GND for over ten years. In those ten years we have produced commercials for outstanding businesses like Roche Bros. supermarkets, St. Anne's Credit Union, Hope Health, and much more. We have become leaders in the community and served on the boards of organizations such as Women in Film and Video New England (which I am the current President) and volunteered closely with the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce and the Falmouth Girl Scouts.

Working closely with the community and young students has given us the opportunity to provide mentor students of all ages who are interested in film and video. These students are eager to learn and I am grateful to help them see through their goals short or long term. I am excited to give them the tools and encouragement that were given to me. Many people that come to GND with little but leave a well-rounded storyteller.

Filmmaking is more than a highly collaborative process, it is a family. As a filmmaker, you begin to think and move in a beautiful unison made by earnest efforts of many minds and hands. It is this need to share common experiences, travel, tell stories, and experience life to the fullest which makes filmmaking so rewarding. While there may not always be cash in the bank, there is always a new adventure on the horizon.